Fixelz Mint Phases

Join for the art. Stay for the community. 🤝

During the Fixelz presale phase, we have designed a comprehensive strategy to engage with other projects, build partnerships, and create excitement within the community.

Here's an overview of the different phases involved:

  1. Presale Offering to Other Projects: As part of our presale strategy, we will reach out to carefully selected projects within the blockchain and NFT space. These projects may include established communities, platforms, or influencers who share synergies with Fuddles. We will offer them the opportunity to acquire a limited number of Fixelz NFT at a discounted price. This not only helps us build relationships but also creates exposure for Fuddles within their communities.

  2. Whitelist Presale: We will also conduct a whitelist presale phase, which allows community members who have registered and been approved on our whitelist to participate in a presale event. This presale will provide them with the opportunity to purchase Fixelz NFTs before the public sale on the launchpad. Whitelist participants receive priority access and may have access to exclusive perks or limited-edition items.

  3. Public Sale on Launchpad: Following the whitelist presale, we will launch the public sale on a reputable launchpad platform. The public sale will be open to anyone interested in acquiring Fixelz NFTs, and the tokens will be made available at a set price. The launchpad ensures a fair and transparent distribution process, allowing individuals to participate in the sale and become part of the Fuddles community.

Mint Phases:

  1. HOLDER PRESALE (Fuddles NFT, Fuddles Shiba Inu NFTs & 1000+ $FUDSI Holders) Price per NFT: 0.5 SOL Supply: TBA


  3. WHITELIST SALE Price: 0.7 SOL Supply: TBA

  4. PUBLIC SALE Price: 1 SOL Supply: TBA

  5. TEAM SALE Supply: TBA

Throughout these phases, we will prioritize effective communication, ensuring that potential buyers and community members are kept informed about the presale events, whitelist registration, and the public sale.

We will provide clear instructions, guidelines, and updates through our official channels, including social media platforms & Discord.

By implementing a well-structured presale strategy that includes offering to other projects, airdropping NFTs, conducting a whitelist presale, and hosting a public sale on a reputable launchpad, we aim to generate excitement, attract early adopters, and build a strong and engaged community around Fuddles Pixels.

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