Fixelz Whitelist Program

Join for the art. Stay for the community. 🤝

For the Whitelist presale program of the Fixelz NFT Collection, we will be utilizing the Subber & Atlas whitelist system.

The Subber whitelist system is a powerful tool that allows us to streamline and optimize the whitelist process, ensuring a fair and efficient allocation of presale opportunities.

By implementing the Subber whitelist system, we are committed to creating a transparent and inclusive experience for our community. The system operates based on a predetermined set of criteria, which ensures that participants who meet specific requirements have the opportunity to be whitelisted for the presale.

The Subber whitelist system enables us to carefully curate and manage the whitelist process, ensuring that participants who are genuinely interested and engaged in the Fixelz NFT Collection have the chance to secure their spot in the presale. This system helps us prioritize our dedicated community members who have shown their support and enthusiasm for the project. Whitelisting through the Subber system offers several advantages. It helps prevent bots, scalpers, and unfair practices, as it allows us to verify the authenticity and eligibility of participants. By using a trusted and reliable whitelist system, we can minimize the risk of fraudulent activities, promote a level playing field, and provide equal opportunities for our community members.

We understand that the whitelist process is an important step in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable presale experience. By leveraging the Subber whitelist system, we aim to enhance the overall efficiency and integrity of the process, enabling a seamless and secure entry for participants who meet the specified criteria.

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