Fuddles 2D Running Track Competitions

Join for the art. Stay for the community. 🤝

We'll organize competitions for holders of Fuddles Pixels to earn $FUDSI tokens by competing on our Fuddles 2D Running Track:

  1. Competition Categories: We'll have different types of races for runners of all skill levels, from beginners to experts.

  2. Prize Pool: There will be a pool of $FUDSI tokens set aside as rewards for the winners of each race.

  3. Race Schedule: Races will be held regularly, allowing runners from different time zones to participate.

  4. Leaderboard: We'll keep track of runners' progress on a leaderboard, updating it in real-time during the races.

  5. Virtual Race Day: On race days, runners will gather in the Fuddles metaverse to compete on the 2D Running Track.

  6. Fair Play: Rules will ensure that all races are fair and that everyone has an equal chance to win.

  7. Feedback: After each race, participants can give feedback to help improve future events.

  8. Token Rewards: Winners will receive $FUDSI tokens based on their performance and ranking.

By keeping it simple and fun, we'll create an exciting atmosphere where everyone can enjoy running and competing for rewards in the Fuddles metaverse! 🏃💨💰

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