Fuddles Daddy ($MILK) Tokenomics

Join for the art. Stay for the community. 🤝

Fuddles Daddy ($MILK) token is primarily focused to be a COMMUNITY & MEME token, with additional utility to be used as a PRIZE & CURRENCY at the competitions in the Fuddles Metaverse games such as:

Plot: Fuddles daddy who went for the milk and never came back. 🥛

  • Solana Memecoin Communities (Airdrop): 25%

    • 25% of the tokens will be airdropped to people in the Solana memecoin communities to get them involved.

  • Solana NFT Collections (Airdrop): 25%

    • Another 25% will be airdropped to different popular Solana NFT collections.

  • Early Contributors (Presale Investors - No vesting): 20%

    • 20% of the tokens are reserved for people who invested in the project during the presale phase, as a reward for their early support.

  • Solana Artists & Collectors: 10%

    • 10% of the tokens will go to artists and collectors on Solana to promote creativity and collaboration.

  • Initial Liquidity: 5%

    • 5% of the tokens will be used to provide liquidity, ensuring there are enough tokens available for trading.

  • Games Rewards: 5%

    • 5% of the tokens will be used as rewards for players in games related to $MILK, encouraging participation.

  • Marketing: 5% (1-Year Vesting Period)

    • 5% of the tokens will be used for marketing to attract more users and raise awareness about $MILK.

  • Team Development: 5% (2-Year Vesting Period)

    • 5% of the tokens are set aside for the team that develops and maintains the project. These tokens will be gradually released over 2 years to ensure the team remains committed to the project for the long term.

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