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Join for the art. Stay for the community. 🤝

Collection Details:

Total Supply: 1111
Launchpad: PRNT Inc.
Royalties: 5%
Blockchain: SOLANA
Mint Price: OG - 1.50 SOL ; WL - 1.75 SOL ; PUBLIC SALE - 2 SOL

Mint Funds Breakdown

  1. 1.
    Treasury: 30%
  2. 2.
    Development: 35%
  3. 3.
    Team: 20%
  4. 4.
    Marketing: 15%

Risks and Mitigations

Risk 1: Portals Metaverse shutdown
In the unfortunate event of a shutdown or discontinuation of the Portals Metaverse, there are inherent risks and challenges that the Fuddles community may face.
However, we have plans in place to mitigate these risks and ensure a smooth transition to other metaverses where we can continue building and expanding Fuddleland
Risk 2: Solana Nft's Market Trends:
The Solana NFT market's expectations and trends fluctuate frequently and without warning. As a result, it could be difficult for us to adjust and produce results quickly enough to satisfy market demands.
To ensure the longevity of our project and lower the danger of market volatility, we want to build a strong community, diversify our offerings, and emphasize our long-term value proposition. Additionally, we have developed two studios that will bring in money to help our project remain financially viable.
Risk 3: Crypto Market Volitlity:
The cryptocurrency market has been incredibly unpredictable, with a number of well-publicized flops only in 2023 alone delaying the advancement of blockchain development and support.
To keep ahead of any potential downturns or sudden changes in patterns, we will continuously watch the market and modify our plans as appropriate.