Running Track Competitions

Join for the art. Stay for the community. 🤝

The Fuddleland Racing Track Competition is an exciting event where participants can engage in thrilling races within our virtual running track in the Fuddleland metaverse.

Here's how it works - Competition Structure:

  1. Race Events: We will organize various race events within the Fuddleland running track. These races can be anything from sprints to obstacle courses, each designed to challenge participants' skills and strategy.

  2. Leaderboards: Participants' race times and performance will be tracked on leaderboards, adding a competitive element to the event. This encourages participants to strive for faster times and better results.

Reward System:

  1. $FUDSI Rewards: Top performers in each race event will receive rewards in Solana's native cryptocurrency, $FUDSI. The amount of $FUDSI awarded will vary based on their ranking and performance.

  2. $PRNT Rewards: Additionally, participants can earn $PRNT tokens as rewards. These tokens are specific to our NFT collection and can be used within our ecosystem, enhancing their value.

  3. NFT Rewards: Exclusive NFTs, featuring rare traits and artwork, will be given to top performers and participants. These NFTs serve as unique collectibles and can potentially become valuable assets within the NFT marketplace.

Participation and Engagement:

  • Users can actively participate in these racing events, with the opportunity to compete, showcase their skills, and earn rewards.

  • It's a community-building activity, fostering engagement within our metaverse and among NFT enthusiasts.

The Fuddleland Racing Track Competition not only adds an element of excitement and competitiveness but also reinforces our commitment to providing tangible rewards to our community. With $FUDSI, $PRNT, and exclusive NFTs up for grabs, participants can enjoy a dynamic and rewarding experience within the Fuddleland metaverse.

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