Fuddles IN-GAME Transaction Mechanism

Join for the art. Stay for the community. 🤝

The mechanism of Fuddles involves in-game transactions where players can use either $FUDSI tokens or $USDC tokens to purchase in-game tickets, enabling them to participate in various games.

These transactions contribute to two different pools:

  1. $FUDSI Token Transactions Pool:

    • 60% of the $FUDSI tokens collected from transactions will be allocated to an NFT Staking pool. This pool rewards users who stake their Fuddles or Fuddles Shiba Inu NFTs with additional $FUDSI tokens.

    • 30% of the $FUDSI tokens will be directed to a community rewards pool. This pool rewards participants to the gaming platform, possibly through various reward system.

    • 10% of the $FUDSI tokens will be burned. Burning tokens involves permanently removing them from circulation, which can contribute to reducing the token's total supply, increasing its value over time through scarcity.

  2. $USDC Token Transactions Pool:

    • Initially, the $USDC tokens collected will be used to buy back $FUDSI tokens from the secondary market. This involves using the 100% of $USDC tokens to purchase $FUDSI tokens.

    • After the buy-back, the purchased $FUDSI tokens will then be allocated to a pool with the same distribution structure as the $FUDSI token transactions pool:

      • 60% to the NFT Staking pool.

      • 30% to the community rewards pool.

      • 10% burned.

This mechanism creates a cycle where both $FUDSI and $USDC transactions contribute to the overall ecosystem. $FUDSI transactions directly contribute to the token's utility and community incentives, while $USDC transactions facilitate liquidity and potentially stabilize the token's price through buy-backs. Additionally, the burning of a portion of $FUDSI tokens helps manage the token's supply dynamics.

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