Fuddleland Antiques

Join for the art. Stay for the community. 🤝

As a special benefit, 50% of all royalties generated from the Fuddles NFT collection will be shared monthly with holders of all three antiques - the Golden Hat, the Golden Skateboard, and the Golden Shoes. By owning the complete set, you become eligible to receive a portion of the royalties as a reward for your commitment and contribution to the Fuddles community. This ongoing redistribution program ensures that collectors who hold all three antiques are continuously recognized and financially rewarded for their dedication to the project. Example: Fuddles NFT collection generated 100 $SOL in royalties within the 1 month period. 50% (50 $SOL) - Will be redistirbuted to the holders of ALL 3 antiques.


The Golden Hat NFT is the first of three exclusive antique NFTs awarded to participants in the OG Presales and early stages of Fuddles.

The collection of these unique NFTs tells a captivating story of Fuddles' history and holds sentimental value for the community.

As participants collect all three antiques, they complete a valuable set symbolizing their integral role in Fuddles' journey

Total Supply: 100 NFTs

Secondary Marketplace: The Golden Hats - Magic Eden

During the OG Presales, purchasers of Fuddles NFTs will have the chance to acquire the Golden Hat NFT as a FREE airdrop. This exclusive NFT serves as a token of gratitude for participating in the presale and represents your early support and involvement in the Fuddles project.

By purchasing Fuddles NFTs during the OG presales, you will automatically receive the Golden Hat NFT as a special reward, adding an extra layer of value and exclusivity to your collection.


Introducing the Golden Skateboard, the second piece out of the three NFT antiques that make up the prestigious Fuddeland Antique collection. This remarkable antique holds its own unique significance and adds depth to the evolving narrative of Fuddles enchanting universe.

Total Supply: 50 NFTs

To acquire this prized possession, seize the opportunity during the OG Presale V by purchasing Fuddles NFTs. Your participation in the presale not only allows you to secure the delightful Fuddles NFTs but also grants you the privilege of receiving the coveted Golden Skateboard NFT as a complimentary reward.


Introducing the Golden Shoes, the third and final piece in the illustrious collection of three NFT antiques that comprise the esteemed Fuddeland. These captivating artifacts add depth and mystique to the enchanting world of Fuddles.

Total Supply: 20 NFTs

Secondary Marketplace: The Golden Shoes - Magic Eden

To acquire this last Fuddelland antique, active participation is key. Engage in Raids and demonstrate your dedication by being an active and valued member of the Fuddles community. By actively participating in the Discord chat and fostering a vibrant community spirit, you become eligible to acquire the coveted Golden Shoes NFT.

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