Fuddles Shiba Inu NFT Collection (SOLD OUT)

Join for the art. Stay for the community. 🤝

Launching the Fuddles Shiba Inu NFT Collection involves a multi-phase strategy to engage and reward the community. Here's an overview of the launch plan:

Phase 1: Snapshot for Exclusive Minting

  • Criteria for Eligibility: Holders of Fuddle NFTs or 10,000 $FUDSI tokens or 50,000 $PRNT tokens are eligible.

  • Snapshot: We'll capture the addresses meeting the criteria at a specific date and time (Announced in Discord).

  • Guaranteed Free Minting: Eligible addresses will have the opportunity to mint Fuddles Shiba Inu NFTs for free during the initial minting phase.

Phase 2: Collaborations and Whitelist Giveaways

  • Collaborations via Subber and Atlas: Partner with other projects through platforms like Subber and Atlas to increase visibility and engagement.

  • Whitelist Giveaways: Conduct giveaways to winners who secure a spot on the whitelist, allowing them to participate in the second minting phase.

  • Second Minting Phase: Whitelisted participants can mint Fuddles Shiba Inu NFTs for free during this phase, potentially creating excitement and increasing demand.

Phase 3: Public Free Mint (If Any Left)

  • Public Minting: Open minting to the general public if there are remaining NFTs after the first two phases.

  • Free Minting: Users can mint Fuddles Shiba Inu NFTs for free during this public minting phase.

  • Scarcity Incentive: The potential scarcity of remaining NFTs may drive increased participation and interest from the wider community.

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